The Bitmoji Avatar History Enumerator

BACKMOJI takes a Bitmoji ID, version (usually the number 5), and a maximum value. Press the “Grab Images!” button and your browser will make “maximum value” requests for the images of that user’s Bitmoji. Those images will be displayed below.

Below are links to Griffin’s and Micah’s blog posts that spurred this tool to be created.

The Bitmoji URL

Example URL: Bitmoji URL Broken down

Try the Tool

Bitmoji ID This is the Bitmoji ID of the user.

value How many requests for images do you want to make?

S Value This is the value of the "_S#" in the URL.

size (px) You determine the height of the resulting Bitmojis here.

Bitmoji images below (front and side views)